Joint statement outlines steps to support stewardship Antimicrobial resistance doesn't recognize borders, and efforts to combat it need to cross borders as well. Because of that, the AVMA has joined with veterinary organizations in Europe and Canada to issue a … read more > [...]
Thu, Dec 06, 2018
Source: Veterinarian Resources
Explore disaster relief and other service opportunities When disaster strikes a community, animals are impacted along with people. With our unique clinical knowledge and skill set, veterinarians can be invaluable in both emergency response and advance preparedness. If you're interested … read more > [...]
Thu, Nov 29, 2018
Source: Veterinarian Resources
By: Dr. Gary Brown, Board of Directors Chair; Dr. John de Jong, AVMA President; Dr. Sandra Faeh, House Advisory Committee Chair; Dr. Janet Donlin, AVMA Executive Vice President It was an inspiring few days when your AVMA Board of Directors … read more > [...]
Wed, Nov 21, 2018
Source: Veterinarian Resources
AVMA study provides economic insights & data to drive veterinary care conversations Pet ownership is on the rise in the United States, with dogs leading the way and large gains among less traditional pets like poultry and lizards, according to … read more > [...]
Mon, Nov 19, 2018
Source: Veterinarian Resources
Summit explores what it means for veterinarians The second-longest U.S. bull market since 1929 has brought more employment options for veterinarians and increased starting salaries for new graduates. That was some of the good news discussed during the AVMA Economic … read more > [...]
Fri, Nov 16, 2018
Source: Veterinarian Resources
Like others across the nation, AVMA members are horrified by the images of raging wildfires in California. Communities are being destroyed, lives lost, and livelihoods disrupted. Our hearts go out to all who are in the path of the fires … read more > [...]
Thu, Nov 15, 2018
Source: Veterinarian Resources

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